Tankless Water Heaters

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Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters, also know as demand or instantaneous water heaters, are an alternative to traditional water heaters that are often times more efficient for many families. As the name suggest it has no tank like your typical conventional water heater. Conventional water heaters hold and maintain ready to use hot water. This requires a 24/7 fuel source that's on and ready to consume. When these units are in idle mode, they are still turning on and off all day and night maintaining the hot water temp for use.

Tankless water heaters have no tank and no need to keep the fuel source on until there's a demand for use. One of the biggest benefits from tankless water heaters is the endless hot water it will produce. They can heat 2-5 gallons of water per minute based on the fuel type used. Basically these units sit completely off, not consuming any fuel, until there is a need. Many options are available from 2 gallon buffer tanks, recirculation pumps, efficiency ratings and more.

When buying a tankless water heater the most important thing to consider is its gallons per minute (GPM) capabilities. Higher GPM's let you use more plumbing fixtures at the same time. Lower GPM's mean the users really have to make sure only one or two hot water fixtures are on at time. If more are used, there will be no hot water at all. Generally, the more gallons per minute (GPM) the tankless heater is capable of, the higher the price.

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